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free international sms - every 24 hours - without registration 

Please note: Actually 3 free sms with 143 digits - within 24 hours

 5  free international sms / 5 sms worldwide within 24 hours and with 143 characters. No registration needed.

 >>>  We are interested in your feedback
 >>>  If you want to send sms to a foreign country
(not Germany)
         1) you have to choose the foreign primaries/national area codes of your country (->
national area codes)then 
         2) you type in the mobile number of your mobile partner without the number "0" at the beginning
 >>>  Attention:
Please read the following advices, when you are visting the site for the first time!                  
Important instructions
for sending free-sms with smswind  
    Hello! The free sms script is not working. We try to find the problem. Oct. 2017
Feedback is important to keep this project alive.
"If you like the project, please tell your friends about it. If you have a tip to improve it ... send a notice to us!" (>
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